Emerald Compliance Solutions

Emerald Compliance Solutions

Higher Education Incident Management Software



Each school is different. Each College and University has its own approach to managing incidents related to students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Whether you’re a large school with very detailed reporting requirements or small school striving to best manage your caseload with limited resources, Emerald will work with you to ensure that your main challenges are the prioritized, addressed, and improved from your initial system deployment through your entire experience with Emerald going forward.

The Emerald Higher Education Incident Management System has the flexibility to enable institution specific customization across the entire platform’s features. The Emerald staff specializes in their approach to system customization school by school making sure your needs are fully understood and your customized system best addresses these needs.

Emerald is continuing to partner with Colleges and Universities across the nation to provide a Higher Education Incident Management System without limitations, spanning student & employee conduct, Title IX, Discrimination, Workplace Complaints, Pregnancy Accommodations, and more!